More than 60 million tourists visit Africa every year. Over half of the international arrivals are for business purposes, and may partake in tourist activities. 10 million travel purposely to view wildlife and to enjoy the sunny skies. Safaris, as these journeys are commonly referred to, range from the exotic to the very simple. The continent’s vast and diverse nature makes it complex and difficult to decide on the best region for a safari. That’s why, you need us, the safari experts to tailor the best possible itinerary for you and to secure all the necessary bookings.

How much does a Safari cost?

There are 4 key factors: Destination, means of travel, quality of accommodation facilities and season of travel. On average, these are the estimates per person, per day.

Small budget $190 - $320

• Camping / Odd lodge
• Basic meals
• Tour van

Mid-range $350 - $550

• Mid-range Bed and breakfast lodge
• More comfort
• 4X4 tour van / cruiser
• Good food

Luxury $650 – $900 +

• Good feeling of luxury
• Great accommodation
• Great food
• Charter flights
• Hot air balloon rides
• Spa treats

Figure out your budget per day

These budget ranges are designed to help you figure out how much you can expect to spend per day on your safari package. Once you know more-or-less how much you are spending per day, you can then figure out how long you can afford to travel for.

Where you go and how you travel makes a difference

Each country offers a relatively unique experience. It therefore comes down to personal preference. Is it the Big five, gorillas, tropical white sand beaches or the great migration? While you are there, do you want to stay in 5-star facilities or in a back packers’ cottage, and what means of travel would you like? Africa is home to variety, of everything.

It’s time to craft a safari, tailored to suit your preferences. Please fill in the information below, a dedicated safari specialist will get in touch with you, and together, we will craft and fine tune your own safari itinerary.