About us

What comes to your mind when you hear “Africa”? Images of wildlife, the sun, endless golden terrain, natural forests, extensive savannah vegetation, tropical sandy beaches, strong smiling people with mystical lifestyles and traditions all come to mind. The beauty of the bush, excitement and sometimes the feeling of being on tenterhooks. Some say, that’s what makes an African safari such a magical experience. You will tell us yours soon.

Your journey to Africa starts here. How do you make the most of your time on a journey to Africa? That’s where we come in. “Safari To Africa” is a US company, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. We tailor make safaris. Yes, the best or nothing.

Why choose us

Your safari will be 100% tailor-made, designed to suit your personal interests, budget, timeframe. We do not take you on one of ‘our safaris’, instead you will be the one creating the perfect trip with the help of our safari specialists. With our experience, expertise and unrivalled knowledge of multiple safari destinations, we are the best people to speak to about your safari plans.

We do not hold ownership in any lodge, camp or game reserve. Therefore, we are completely unbiased and free to recommend any lodging in Africa for you. Certain players in the industry are always trying to sell you their “own” camps or lodges, no matter how unsuitable this may be for you. We are different.

Our guides are some of the very best on the African continent, providing you unrivalled insights and briefings.